Pilgangoora, Pilbara / Tabba Tabba

Lithium Power International Limited’s project area is located ~25km NE of the Wodgina Tin/Tantalum Mine, and immediately east of the Pilbara Minerals and Altura Mining Lithium Projects. The tenement covers ~70km2 and is ideally suited to application of proven exploration techniques in the search for outcropping and buried pegmatite hosted mineralisation. Available exploration reports suggest limited if any rare element pegmatite exploration with exploration having been focused on Channel Iron Deposits (CID) and gold/base metals.

The project area consists of a mix of cover and outcrop, the southern area is dominated by cover; Quaternary sands, Tertiary laterites/duricrusts and conglomerates cover around 60% of the tenement area. Mesoarchean granitic outcrop of the Sister Supersuite is dominant in the north, meta-mafic and meta-ultramafic is present predominantly under cover in the east, and Paleoarchean rocks of the Motherin Monzogranite extend across the central part of the tenement in a WSW-ENE trend, also predominantly covered by Quaternary sands.

The Motherin Monzogranite was emplaced around the felsic, mafic and ultramafic sequence of the Pilbara Super Group, in the area that includes the Pilbara Minerals and Altura Mining Pilgangoora Lithium Projects. About 500 million years later the Sisters Supersuite was emplaced, coinciding with global appearance of rare element pegmatites post 3 billion years ago (Blewett and Champion, 2005); for this reason the Motherin Monzogranite and areas of meta-mafic and meta-ultramafic rocks are prospective targets for rare element pegmatites. The below image shows an area dotted in red, including parts of the Motherin Monzogranite impacted by the emplacement of the Sisters Supersuite on LPI’s tenement, with pegmatite potential.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum’s MINEDEX database shows many registered occurrences of Sn, Ta and Li within 3.5km of Lithium Power International Limited’s Pilgangoora Houston Creek Project area. These include the Pilbara Minerals and Altura Mining Mineral Resources, which lie just 2.5km and 3.5km east of Lithium Power International Limited, Pilgangoora Houston Creek Project. In addition to rare element pegmatites, the project is prospective for alluvial resources due to drainage in the area running westerly from elevated outcrop, including tin, tantalum and lithium bearing pegmatites, in the east. A concept supported by the Pilgangoora / Northern Dev and Pilgangoora Alluvial 1 occurrences, being less than 200 metres from Lithium Power International Limited’s tenement boundary.

Reference: Blewett and Champion, 2005. 1:100,000 Geological Series Explanatory Notes. Wodgina Western Australia.