Battery research a boost for renewable energy viability

Battery research a boost for renewable energy viability

Led by Professor Guoxiu Wang, the centre’s research is focused upon the development of advanced battery technology and its applications in portable electronics and electric vehicles as well as renewable energy storage and conversion.

One of his current projects is funded by the AutoCRC and relates to the development of lithium ion batteries to power the next generation electric vehicles.

A team led by Professor Wang has also been backed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to develop a low-cost, high density renewable energy storage system using lithium-sulphur batteries.

The three-year project has received a $750,000 investment from ARENA, as well as $1.24m industry support from Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute and DLG Energy Pty Ltd.

Professor Wang said lithium-sulphur battery technology is currently the most promising and cost-effective option for large-scale energy storage. “They have high energy density, long service life and also are safe to operate,” he said.