“Diario Financiero” features Lithium Power International.

“Diario Financiero” features Lithium Power International.

Chilean Financial publication “Diario Financiero” features Lithium Power International.

Lithium Power International wants to be present in Chile before a method is put in place to open the ore to extraction.

Despite the impossibility of new projects to extract lithium in Chile and the failure that resulted in the tender promoted by the previous government, the country remains attractive to investors looking to develop this industry in South America.

This is the case of Lithium Power International, an Australian company recently created, that initiated rapprochement with the Chilean government to present its interest in non-metallic mining and, in fact, are negotiating the purchase of two projects for the exploitation of salt mines lithium in the region, one in the country, and has an expert assisting with the negotiations.

The focus of the company is, as discussed sources, the ABC of lithium in the world, namely, Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. That’s why already set up offices in Santiago and appointed the former deputy director of Sernageomin, Ignacio Silva, director and regional manager for Latin America.

Silva a few weeks ago, he accompanied the president of the company, Reccared Fertig, and its CEO, Martin Holland, a meeting with Undersecretary of Mining, Ignacio Moreno, to present the interest to participate in this business in Chile.

The company, according to the submitted by them in the letter of request for the hearing, has significant potential in land with lithium and is focused to identify and participate in development projects in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. “We are currently in advanced talks with the owners of two projects containing lithium salt flats,” they said in the letter.

“I would ask you to grant me an interview to introduce the company has recently been installed in Chile and its directors. A meeting of this nature is important to us, as it will contribute to its directors known to the authorities and the government’s interest in developing new mining investment in the country, “he adds.

Likewise, other sources indicate that the CEO of the company communicated to President Bachelet interest in participating in this business when the governor visited Oceania. The company strategy would be to have positions in Chile, by cost conditions and institutions that the country offers, waiting for a definition of what will be the mechanism for promoting the exploitation of lithium in the salt mines of the north.

“Chile has the best conditions to extract lithium, although it is far from being the replacement of copper or white gold as they say some, however, is an industry that the country should develop and which has lost ground to other countries. That was what informed the company and its willingness to support this challenge, “said an insider of the meeting.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS) Chile is the largest producer of litho with 13,500 tonnes, followed closely by Australia.