The Oil of the 21st Century

The Oil of the 21st Century

Imagine you owned a piece of Spindletop Hill on January 10th, 1901…

It was the first oil gusher of the Texas oil boom, and it changed U.S. history. It set off an industry that made trillions off of the explosive demand for gasoline in the early 20th century. Early investors became the new ruling-class millionaires. Everyday oil barons retired well.

But that was then… and this is now.

The 21st century is upon us, and the chapter of Big Oil is slowly coming to a close. Today, we’re on the verge of a new energy revolution using a new type of fuel that will be a staple for 90% of our energy needs.

America is making the quiet transition from fossil fuel to Metal Oil. And it’s deemed so important that it’s been categorized as a “strategic fuel” by the Pentagon. The output figures of the only major producer in the U.S. today have been classified as a “state secret.”

But that’s just on the government’s end…

The major players include renegade scientists and, of course, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors who’s at the center of the new Metal Oil transition.